Filming in Venice Beach, California

If you've ever traveled to Los Angeles, chances are you've spent a day cruising around Venice Beach, taking in the craziness of the circus-like environment, while also enjoying the abundance of ocean activities. Joining me a day of hanging out and filming is Joshua Johnson, travel ninja and all around cool guy. So our day began introducing Venice Beach, underneath it's famous sign welcoming you to the boardwalk. 

Luka setting up the opening shot of the Venice Beach Episode

Venice Beach is full of unique characters, and well known locations like Muscle Beach, the courts of "White Men Can't Jump," and other iconic LA seaside landmarks.

White Men Can't Jump

So we shot some hoops before strolling the boardwalk. 

White Man Can Jump! 

There's no shortage of unique characters to keep you entertained here. Hours and dollars can be spent tipping street performers and beggars for great entertainment..  Any photo or video we shot was usually accompanied with a tip. If not, it was usually forced on us, or they'd request us deleting the photos. This blog post would have much more photos, but our pockets weren't deep enough to pay everyone off. For more freaks, watch the video at the end. 

Strumming along. 

However, there's a calmer side to Venice that many people don't see during their visits - and that's the residential area of the Venice Canals.

Venice Canals! 

Before the popularity of the automobile, and their infestation to dirt paths around LA, it wasn't uncommon to see people traveling these canals by gondolier. This quickly changed once the car took over. What was once 26 canals are now just 5. 

Although a great reminder of Venice's past it's also a great refuge from the craziness of Venice Beach.

Skipping Stones

After some stone skipping, the boardwalk called us back for the sunset and some beer. 

Street Performer - Venice Beach

Lifeguard Sunset

And that was our day in Venice Beach. If you want to see more of our experience, please watch the video below, and don't forget to subscribe.

Filmed and edited by Bright Visuals.  

Photos courtesy of Nika Koncilja