Win a Trip to Aruba!!

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all had a great holiday break. Welcome to 2015, and of course welcome back to In Transit! It’s been awhile, so I thought I’d post something which might be of interest to you.

If you’re following me on instagram or twitter, then you might have seen some posts before the holidays of my trip to Aruba , where I was invited to shoot and edit a video for the Aruba Marriott Hotel. 

Me shooting some B-Roll at Arikok National Park in the south of Aruba. 

Me shooting some B-Roll at Arikok National Park in the south of Aruba. 

It went like this. 8 of us were invited (4 video bloggers, and 4 traditional journalists) to create videos of anything we pleased, just as long as the island and hotel were featured. In total there were 4 teams, each duo consisting of a video blogger and a traditional journalist. We were given two days to shoot and another day and a half to edit before submitting for the hotel film festival, which would be located on property, complete with judges and an audience to vote on their favorite video. 

I was paired with Shayne Benowitz, the Hotels Editor for, a very talented writer with a down-to-explore attitude. She was a pleasure to work with, very helpful on the producing and editing front, and we got along great during the entire collaboration.

We didn't have much of a plan going into the shoot, and with just an hour of pre-production coffee time, we decided to wing it and create a video full of objectives. Our first objective, ala typical In Transit fashion, was to walk across the island. Please note that the coast-to-coast distance in this part of the country is just 3 miles long. It's not that big of a deal to walk it. Yet, when we told locals or staff about our upcoming quest, they responded in disbelief. Some said it couldn't be done. I said "it definitely could be...the island is 3 miles wide at this point!" After our short and hot walk we decided to navigate the rest of the island by automobile. If you're interested in more of our journey, please reference the video below. 

SPOILER ALERT!! We didn’t win anything at the Film Festival…But there is a chance to win on the digital side of things, and a chance for one of you to win a three night stay at the Aruba Marriott Hotel. 

If our video gets the most views on YouTube, which ours currently does, by January 5th, then I'll reward a three night stay to the Aruba Marriott Resort and Stellaris casino to a commenter at random. All you need to do is watch and comment on the video.

That’s it! I’m not super crazy about these contests, but I think this is a good one, and a unique opportunity to get one of you onto the island…and if nothing else, a travel video to brighten up your day.


1. Watch this video - (

2. Leave a comment, any comment. 

3. If the video gets the most views by January 9th, I'll select a commenter at random (most likely out of a hat, and probably on video so you'll know it's legit) to reward a three night stay at the Marriott. 

That’s it!

Again, Happy New Year everyone!! Expect to see more content in the near future.