In Transit: Los Angeles

Hey everyone! Thought I'd say hi in a quick post about what's new at In Transit. After a few month hiatus of moving into a house and having a baby, I'm finally settled and down to blog! 

As a creator of travel and adventure videos, a common question I get is, "where you off to next, Pete?" and to be honest, I usually don't have a great answer for that. This usually depends on a few variables, but financing the production is usually what determines where and how we'll go. So if not paying out of pocket, this process can take a long time. While sitting at my desk, emailing various brands and Boards of Tourism about a potential collaborations, I constantly advise myself to go out and explore Los Angeles...where more often than not, I ignore myself and explore the internet instead.  

Another question I get is "How do I start traveling, Pete?" A lot of aspiring travelers want to venture out and explore, but usually can't because of time and money. That's a valid reason! Not everyone can afford to pack up for a month long trip abroad. So I usually respond by recommending "travel" their own city, or neighboring town. It's natural to desire a foreign place, but in terms of learning how to travel, I recommend packing a day bag and setting out for local adventures nearby. Which leads me to what's going on with In Transit.....

I've been living in Los Angeles for 8 years, and during this time I've seen what I thought is a lot for one person to see of a city. But oh brother was I wrong! There are so many neighborhoods that make this city an amazing place to live and visit.  So while I sit here exploring the Internet, I'm reminded once again to explore LA... and of course, capture the experience through video.

A couple talented film-makers from Bright Visuals, a production studio in Slovenia, recently visited Los Angeles to help produce a few episodes of In Transit: LA. Below is the 1st video where I pick them up from LAX and spend the day exploring neighboring town, Inglewood.