Welcome to InTransit HQ!

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to InTransit HQ, home of the new InTransit blog/website. Things may be messy at the moment but hopefully through trial and error and a little collaborative effort from you guys, we can create something fun here. It's been on my agenda for years to create a comprehensive site, something that covers a variety of travel related subjects and not just video. So if there are topics you'd like me, or guest bloggers to write about then please contact me. WOW! Adding that hyperlink just now strangely put things into perspective. I haven't used blog software in YEARS, and I forgot how fun this is. On with the fun...

For 8 years now I've been creating and posting videos to my YouTube channel, pdrop, and haven't blogged since the days of the Walkstars and ScootStars. If you're new to my videos and don't know what those two things mean,  then I recommend clicking those  hyperlinks above to watch some older travel content. Man, I love me some hyperlinks by the way.

After the "stars" era, I then cross dissolved into the world of InTransit, which focused solely on video, no blogging. Fast forward to today, I'm now setting up a site with a blog thanks to squarespace. The simplicity of configuring a website through them is pretty stellar, and as of now, very enjoyable. After all this time, this is what I've been waiting for. I'm not sure why, but I've always had a hard time with websites, so hopefully the simplicity of creating one will allow me to be more consistent. 

While on the topic of the the good old days, let's transition to a brief history of this site (intransit.tv).  Before we do that , we must pay our respects to TheWalkstars! Prior to InTransit, we posted our journey by foot from LA to SD on a wordpress blog called thewalkstars.com. A screen shot below: 

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 10.57.34 AM.png

Pretty sick site, eh? Leaving the world of walking because of a leg injury, we started to post here, reasons being that thewalkstars was too specific of a name for a scooter trip as well as other planned  journeys in the future. This desire gave birth to intransit.tv. Welcome to the ScootStars era on intransit.tv (2007-2009) A screen shot below: 


Then came along the Mexico & Central America trip on Public Transportation back in 2009. Here's a coming soon version! I probably say that way too often about upcoming projects. 

Coming soon! 

Coming soon! 

Up until now, the site has primarily taken the look and feel of the landing page below. The Mississippi River, Land Rover and the Trans-Siberian Railway trips have all lived on this. 


That was a brief history of this site through pictures. Who knows where things will go from here, but I hope you continue to join me along the way. 

In a video, this is where I ask  you to subscribe, like, comment, and share. Unfortunately, I don't know what do with a blog post so I'll just be on my way.